Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Menage a tois

Welcome back Fucktards! Here's this week's challenge. Come up with a combination of three numbers - use your fucking birthday, your pin number, your goddamned address or postcode; I don't give a fuck.
Combine the words from the following list in that fucking order, and don't forget to add everyone's favourite, fuck, to the end.
For example... Rabid Spitting Knob Fuck
Explosive Dripping Cunt Fuck.

Use your creative swear at least once through the week.

Adjectives Verbs Nouns
1.Defiant 1. Jumping 1. Arsehole
2. Orange 2. Twirling 2. Cumstain
3.Rabid 3. spitting 3. Fucker
4. Cloistered 4. Splashing 4. Muff
5. Steaming 5. Riding 5. Knob
6. Painted 6. Dripping 6. Shit
7. Spiky 7. Pooping 7. Cunt
8. Explosive 8. Sneezing 8. Flaps
9. Ferrous 9. Vomiting 9. Cock
0. Rank 0. Buckled 0. Dick

Of course some of these will have to be slightly modified to fit your particular use, but fuck me, you're intelligent cunts aren't you?

My thanks to Courtney, Em & Emily

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